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RJ Update: Thanks to all New subscribers and all the views during downtime, coming back really soon

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  Hey, guys its me Rj Knight Thank you all so much for continuing to visit and support the site, especially the new members. Sorry for the period of inactivity. Over this stretch alot of critical, personal  changes have gone on in my life. I have been working very intently on fixing these problems . It will be an uphill climb as it has been so far, I am honestly moved and continually surprised by all the support you have given to me. I am working hard to get the site back to the simpler idea, the one I first envisioned.

Rj Personal Update : I have something important over next few days (1,3-1,5 2017)

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    I have something really important to do in the next few days. I have been focused on this for a few months now. Its been very important to the trajectory of my life. Once, this is over I can now focus on just interpersonal changes and getting output back. Will be on it soon, thanks.  

Rj Personal :I had a pretty good time yesterday (12,23, 2016)

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I had a pretty good time yesterday (12, 23, 2016). I have a quite a few problems but I possible don’t have to worry about dying as much so that opens up some options. I am a bit more refocused, emotionally I am now starting to mend some of the issues that have developed over time. Mostly the positive development is due to space from Micheal. Its taken a lot of time to get this space, I mean really aggressive pushes since October and nothing else just to get time to start dealing with the fatalistic issues that hvae developed since I met him. Yesterday, I was feeling more emotionally stable, don’t know how long that will last but the orientation is good. He’s been pushing space but being there so he can work on being his own person. Decoupling and fixing the dependency, again its really helped me over the last few months work on my emotional state. Not perfect as I did damage my hand not too long ago due to the maxed out problems in a rare emotional outburst. The abnormal behavior can get pretty bad and its hard on my managing all of this all the Read More…

RJ Music Reviews : Props and Bonds Saturday Mic Live Artist Velvet Jones ( September performance review)

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  – 7# Performance Artist Review Velvet Jones–     An artist that is rarely appreciated was the DJ. At many events related to Catalyst Hip Hop, Velvet Jones seems to br the DJ (the ones I’ve seen). There are other really skilled Dj‘s in the Catalyst residence that probably shut it down before I started writing these reviews. When it comes to a DJ with prodigious talent, I put Velvet in that category, easily. I don’t have much to say about his performance on a technical level because I’m not a sound guy. I can say on a sonic aesthetic level, Velvet was on point. No discernible problems, that is the high praise for those who operate professionally in sound. They are the people in the background. Without them, there can be no show(well, not a very a good show).

RJ’s Thoughts : A monster that can only love honor and Goodness, she said to me

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  I’ve been thinking about this for a while. A person I know told me that the only thing I truly love is honor and morality. That I am not a human being, that I will never stop doing what I think is right no matter what the consequence because I’m mentally ill. She told me I will hold no great romances because I will never allow them to develop and or sacrifice them for the greater good. That I will die like my grandfather doing good for others who at the end will care nothing for me. Because I am a fool. Not the first time I have heard similar words but recently they really hurt the most.

RJ Music Reviews : Props and Bonds Saturday Mic Live Artist Spaz ( September performance review)

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  – 6# Performance Artist Review Spaz–     The last act to grace the stage of Props and Bonds Saturday Mic Live was an artist by the name of Spaz. To be very honest, it might seem like I’m bias when I say the things I am about to say about Spaz. Why, because I happen to know him on some level prior to this event. That being said, this is not that at all, if its one thing I am, its very even handed. Spaz is one of the best emcees I know of period. When I coined the term “Bless The Mic With Bars“, Spaz is one of the emcees I had in mind when I developed that term. He is honestly amazing and the group Zolomon Grunji is like a super team of emcees.

RJ Music Reviews : Props and Bonds Saturday Mic Live Artist Protege QOQ ( September performance review)

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– 5# Performance Artist Review Protege QOQ–     Another great performer came to the stage, his name is Protege QOQ. I didn’t know about him before but I do now. Protege is a great artist, great performer and a really cool guy overall. From what I saw that night, Protege is definitely going to get better. Which is scary in a way, if your a competitor. Its talent and drive with this guy, he has a focus that I don’t see often. What made Protege even more spectacular is that he marked the room. What I mean by this, is that the performer prior to him, Tamika J was amazing. She had given a spectacular performance, which vibed differently to anything we had hear prior that night. It was a tough act to follow, if I hosted this event, I would’ve held an intermission so that the stage could cool off. However Protege showed me he doesn’t need intermissions, or any handicaps. He breaks through walls, that’s the type of guy he is, as time goes on raises the value of his performance that night to me.

RJ Music Reviews : Props and Bonds Saturday Mic Live Artist Tamika J ( September performance review)

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– 4# Performance Artist Review Tamika J–      I am going to have to sincerely thank Props and Bonds Saturday Mic Live for blowing me away with this literally surprising performance. This is the first time I have ever seen Tamika J perform to my memory. I was beyond impressed with I heard and saw that night. I really value the sincere expression of the personhood of the artist. Well, Tamika J has soul, its just that simple, even If I wanted to, I could not reduce it any further.

RJ Music Reviews : Props and Bonds Saturday Mic Live Artist Young Blesson ( September performance review)

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– 3# Performance Artist Review Young Blesson–       Props and Bonds booked Young Blesson, a performer that I really like alot. The most important thing to me when I listen to, or see an artist ,is to sincerely feel I am getting that artist. Young Blesson always seems to bring himself, I’ve never seen him short change anyone on that. That is an really important and underrated quality that alot of people do not look for enough. So, that is one of the first reasons why I like Young Blesson, and as expected that night he delivered with maximal effort. Its hard not to respond to sincerity and Young Blesson‘s performance helped to bring me out of a hard mental time. His intro was very interesting and funny as he talked about his hustle. He states that he can be very …. ruthless is not the word… beyond serious maybe about express when it comes to getting his money. From what he expressed about his side dealings in the intro he has a very good business ethic. It honestly wasn’t surprising to me because it comes through in his music. He’s a really nice guy, but he is Read More…

RJ Music Reviews : Props and Bonds Saturday Mic Live Artist Southern Slaves ( September performance review)

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–2# Performance Artist Review Southern Slaves–     The next act of the night was a group called Southern Slaves. They are a pretty good local Hip Hop group in Miami, Florida. (Personally believe that they need to release music videos). Honestly, I did not catch much of their performance mentally because I was in a bit of a place when they performed. However I have seen perform before and the crowd always loves them, it seems.

RJ Music Reviews : Props and Bonds Saturday Mic Live Artist Dermo ( September performance review)

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– 1# Performance Artist Review Dermo–   The first official act of the night was by Dermo. He’s tall and big man, with a good character. He came dressed in black and sported a sharp and cleanly handled beard. As imposing as his statue and figure is in a crowd, his abilities as a performer are even bigger.  Dermo’s a crowd raiser, he gets people moving and acting. That’s one of the biggest performance points I took away form him. This is actually not an easy thing to do, but Dermo does it so organically. I noticed people moving their feet and responding energetically to key moments in his street witty bars. He definitely had the attention of a few ladies who were just entertained by his character (should bring out to spots to perform some homies can rebound off the shots he doesn’t chases down lol).

Rj Knight Personal Update: Stopping music and putting less into Absolute Zero

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Stopping music on the site and winding down/ stopping work with Michael/ Zero. Me and Zero are still friends, for anyone coming for Zero updates you will still be able to find it here. However I will be moving away from it from reasons I contextualize below. To make clearly it is more a spiritual move away or orientation as I want and need Zero to be more autonomous. This was the original arrangement we had about the extended work. Alot has changed as many projects are now pretty much cancelled (unless I put in the work in them but I’m pretty tired and I honestly might not have life time left to do this). I want to get back to writing stories and dealing with Animanga.  I need to fix personal problems that have been amplified or exacerbated in this period that I have spent helping Absolute Zero with his person. I want to the best job that I can in all things, this means I want the site to function at the best that it can (to the best of my sincere abilities). Everything is with these factors in mind, if still curious…. you can read below for Read More…

Rj Knight Personal Update: Work intention, sorry for today (8, 23-27, 2016)

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– Quick Summary -released quick nav, but due to foolishness I could not remain productive -readied atleast 5 songs to cycle – finishing book promo and I will be adding books, videos, social media profiles to my Pinterest account -Editing to release Righteous Rod review by Absolute Zero – Need to create a quick and cheap cover page for The Woodsman chapter 2 -Woodsman chapter 1 will be released tomorrow (8 ,23, 2016) at 10:30 AM and 3:30PM back on schedule -changing the sidebars in music and the general site bar -Editing five pages of Woodsman chapter 2, hope to finish all edits by Thursday -Thursday or Friday I hope to add older DBZ  transcriptions, well I need to transcribe them – Friday I hope to finish romance story and also have edits for Ep 2 of How to ruin a date in 5 Words, most of these were suppose to be done actually a week a go(would’ve been finished today actually) -Thanks – Sorry, I actually fell asleep again. My body seems to have hit a  place where its not allowing me to continue going for days on minimal rest. -What I a want to talk about right now Read More…

Rj Knight personal Update: SO sad about Joel, which strengthen sadness about other stuff

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  I have been pretty sad about the news about Joel. Now, I have found out worse news. It kinda made me just feel incapacitated for most of the day. So I didn’t get much done, I hope to put up stuff later. Possible later get to making an update, about his status which is just sad. I’m not sure if I even want to go to see everyone tomorrow. I know they are probably more sad than me. I will probably go now that I reflect on it. I will try to finish the count down, add a few songs. Also put up the new story the Woodsman Kills to Keep the Forest Clean. I will try to get a quick nav finished this week and stuff from the previous sessions done.     Pray For Joel (one of the founders of Catalyst Hip Hop and a beloved figure in the community)

Pray For Joel (one of the founders of Catalyst Hip Hop and a beloved figure in the community)

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  –   Pray For Joel Stigale (Please)  Catalyst Hip-Hop/Miami Youth for Christ   There is someone who is in need of prayer right now. We could all use prayer and positive intentions from those around us. I know its hard to care for someone you don’t know so please just skim below. If you feel moved to read please read and or follow the links to see a very special person who walked the path of a human among us.  Joel Stigale is a person who has helped and positively influenced so many people. For many caring and giving is a difficult thing but for Joel it comes a bit easier. Regardless of wealth or faith, I hope we can pray for recovery of a person who I (many) consider to be a good man. Times are hard and we don’t have a lot of financial excess to give freely but empathy, positive intent and especially prayer have powerful value and they are one of the few things its hard to argue is not free. So if you can please pray for Joel Stigale. Thank you so much for reading, it is sincerely appreciated –Vivian Stigale with Joel Stigale. Read More…

Rj Knight Lamentations Dealing with Death and the cost of saving lives

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  Dealing with issues involving death. Mental fatigue and destruction from stopping the development of horrible events. I have to absorb so much of these dark developments and mental thought processes to correct or dilute it. To avert, child abuse, rape, murder, torture and other really dark developments of the spirit that comes from the path of the beast and monster.

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