The world has come to be aware of the existence of people with abilities that are beyond the ordinary. Abilities that people are either born with and, or cultivate overtime. Ideas that were once held purely as belonging to the realm of fantasy and comics, have now seemingly come to life.

 After Lamortis’s death opened up a portal to a fantasy realm created by the child like mind of his handicapped son. The synergy of their energies gave the fantasy world the ability to exist on its own, separate from the consciousness of Lamortis’s son Lehandicape.

When the portal opened up the darkest creatures from Lehandicape’s mind came through and wreaked havoc on the world. The governments of the world were at a lost in response to the global development.

Early campaigns against the creatures ended in failures. The government agencies of the world eventually began take defensive stances. This held the security forces back as their focus became on protecting officials and the elite.

The people who had extraordinary abilities most of them did nothing during this time because they waited for someone else to do something first.

When all seemed lost, people just watched everything be destroyed. Pain and suffering spread across the planet like the herpes virus. A young group of heroes stood up to the wave and fought back. After much loss and sacrifice they managed to find away to seal the portal.

 The world is now slowly recovering from the damages incurred during The Scourge. the young heroes try to adapt their skills to the present world to help it recover back to its previous state.