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Super Power World Introduction (text verison 1.0)

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      The world has come to be aware of the existence of people with abilities that are beyond the ordinary. Abilities that people are either born with and, or cultivate overtime. Ideas that were once held purely as belonging to the realm of fantasy and comics, have now seemingly come to life.  After Lamortis’s death opened up a portal to a fantasy realm created by the child like mind of his handicapped son. The synergy of their energies gave the fantasy world the ability to exist on its own, separate from the consciousness of Lamortis’s son Lehandicape. When the portal opened up the darkest creatures from Lehandicape’s mind came through and wreaked havoc on the world. The governments of the world were at a lost in response to the global development. Early campaigns against the creatures ended in failures. The government agencies of the world eventually began take defensive stances. This held the security forces back as their focus became on protecting officials and the elite. The people who had extraordinary abilities most of them did nothing during this time because they waited for someone else to do something first. When all seemed lost, people just watched everything Read More…

Comedy: Practice Flopping Early

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        Always wondered how those guys got so good at flopping but now I know they start practicing really, really early.   I wonder if they do the same for basketball now too.  Keep trying kids you’ll get it one day.

Comedy: The Legend Of Zelda Breath Of The Wild Makes Me Sponge Bob

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   The Legend Of Zelda Breath Of The Wild makes almost makes me Sponge Bob

Comedy: Trump Wins Again….Political messages lost in Sexy

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Hip-Hop RPG Episode 1

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I did some audio consultation and sound effects for the youtube series “The Hip- Hop RPG“. This series created by  Dom (of the DSC youtube channel) focuses on a fictional story of a time traveling Kendrick Lamar fighting Illuminati aliens. Basically the idea is to create a parody of Final Fantasy and modern day Hip-Hop. Dom was heavily influenced by Final Fantasy VII when he was young, and his podcast puts him into the world of Hip-Hop on a regular basis. Being the talented visual artist and creator he is, The Hip-Hop RPG married these two worlds together.  Dom reached out to me for help with some sound effects and audio selection. I was more than glad to help. I’ve always been a big fan of his channel, and I feel he is an incredibly talented artist. He always stresses hard work and it shows in his end product.

Check out JP Spears

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This is one of my favorite videos period. I laughed so hard when I saw this. JP’s humor is amazing and right up my path, as he really uses wit to drive points home. I dated a vegetarian before and I would say and do things very much to this with her friends and family members that were also vegetarians. When I watch this I      I like wine, its nice, its classy unlike beer which you just drink to get drunk. Wine is like the middle brother between rum and beer. The middle brother who totally took the best of what both brothers do and made his own lane.

True Humor : How To Ruin a Date in Five Words

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      How to ruin a date in five words, well the answer is simple. Just simply say this warts grew on my penis  Story mode(episode 1 released) Bored and looking through the profile of attractive women, Pj Knight comes across a standout beauty.  Quickly he messages her hoping she would reply back. He continues along the internet eye candy trail when suddenly he gets notification of a reply in his private messages. -The message was a simple, ” Hey.” -Being a clever wordsmith Pj responds back, “Hey, girl.”

Artistic Vibes Open Mic Tonight(4,7, 2016) and Comedy Event Laugh attack tomorrow

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         Artistic Vibes Open Mic Tonight(4,7, 2016) and Comedy Event Laugh attack tomorrow One of the best Open Mic spots in Miami is having their regular ad awesome open mic tonight at 9:00PM. The ticket cost is 5$, its a great place to have a great time. The range is huge, you get music, comedy, poetry, improv, its alot and always variable (which is like a life spice). If you have friends and your looking for a cool spot to hang out or don’t know where to take a date, try Artistic Vibes. Really nice place and the people are so nice. I don’t know if I’m breaking some sort of rule by telling everyone about the best underground places to enjoy yourself in Miami. I just noticed that lack of information sharing about the good spots in the Miami community and thought it would be good to know. If you know any cool places, please feel free to let me know. Don’t be a douche and keep it to yourself, let it grow man (let me hang out there too, lol).   Click here for more info on the show

Introduction 2 : Artistic Vibes

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  12986 SW 89th Ave, Miami, Florida 33176,, Artistic Vibes  Artistic Vibes is one of the best performance arts (Poetry, Theatre, Music, Comedy, etc) venues in Miami. Easily their Open Mic Thursday weekly shows are arguably the best in Greater Miami. If anyone knows a better place,please feel free to notify me. Its all around better for the collective arts community and I would definitely like to promote such a place, right beside the place I am talking about now called Artistic Vibes. One of the key reasons I think Artistic Vibes is the one of the best if not the best spot in Miami is the supportive family vibe that is present within the organization. Tremendous talent walks in and resides within the venue. It is an extremely impressive collection  but the ability to cultivate and develop talent is an especially important feature in Open Mic events. To help talent take it to the next level, official shows are put up such as Re-Verb, Laugh Attack and more… they are always doing new things. I have been to Artistic Vibes enough times to have some surety about the consistency of the vibe and average talent level. Its Read More…

True Humor: Bro Rape -2016 update ” Do you even Smash Bro..”

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True Humor:  Bro Rape -2016 update     “Do you even Smash Bro?… Do you even Smash ?”   When Bro Rape Happens..Read Below for a special update on to prevent this to you and a Bro you know

True Humor :Dhalsim from Street Fighter having fun in his off time

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Real Life Dhalsim When Dhalsim is not out kicking someones ass in the name of Yoga(and to earn money for his village). He is doing shows like Ripley’s Believe it or not or just getting filmed by random people on a camera for free.

Youauthorus Quick Update 1,13,2016—1,16,2016

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1,13,2016—1,16,2016 1,15,2016 1,14,2016 1,13,2016 Current Feature Articles   Dragon Ball Z :What would happen if Cell fought Majin Buu after Earth destruction Jay- Z Stop Telling Me How Rich You Are Other Feature Articles Upcoming Feature Articles True Humor: Bro Rape -2016 update ” Do you even Smash Bro..”  (release tomorrow)       *(Update page will change to reflect site changes)* Important Update :   Introduction to Raury # 3 will not be released, Absolute Zero is out and it was not done, should be released tomorrow with# 2 as well —— Quick Release dates and navigation links 1,16. 2016 –Rj Knight Update: I’m not feeling well(1, 17, 2016)   :   Update related to how I am feeling health wise ( Rj Knight, Personal,  Update) –Top Ten Artists to Listen too if you want more Andre 3000 – Artist # 1 :  Rappers that could be the next Andre 3000 or fill the Andre 3000 void since retirement (Top 10 list, Andre 3000 substitutes) –Rebirth of a Lost Soul page 21  :  A good guy who is a junkie has an eventful day which will change his life ( Story, Blessing and Curse Universe, Introduction of Bizz Bee Z, Seinen, Read More…

True Humor: I’m Anti PC

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  True Humor: I’m Anti PC   ​True Humor — I’m anti-PC, I talk very freely and please don’t miss-understand that comfortability with attraction(boys and girls). Also I am not wealthy enough to support groupies…I have to win the Powerball for that   Follow @youauthorus

Conan, Kevin Hart, Ice Cube and Dianna Chang Riding Along

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  Conan, Kevin Hart, Ice Cube and Dianna Chang Riding Along Uber driver you are missed   Okay this made me laugh like crazy. I actually like Kevin Hart, Conan O’Brien and Ice Cube skits. I mean these guys are naturally funny together. They really honestly should do a movie because it would be insanely funny. It wouldn’t take much either, just throw on a camera and have them just go around meeting and hanging out with people for a few days. This is going down in my all time favorite list of skits(a good amount of Conan skits are there).     It honestly made me laugh alot, Dianna Chang is a gem in the video. Honestly her personality stole the event. She made me laugh more with her chemistry with Conan. However she was really concentrating on the road at times which is very wise(I mean its hard with such funny guys). 

reminds of me of …. Garfield??? LOL

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This is pretty funny, all it needed was a lasagna bowl. Check out this new guest comic from our buddy Peter @Badlydoodled For more of his work go to — FoulCheddar (@GriefersAFK) November 9, 2015 – — Old Woman’s Junkie summary An Old Lady named Miss Mae, is at her friend’s store picking up an item from her son. They talk about the troubles withing her family and the neighborhood. Also what is going on in the world, especially in the north of North America. The discomfort with what the government is doing, and how the black market is thriving and its a great place to make money. Well, so say’s her fellow Elder friend, in the middle of their conversation a young and rude man interrupts. He and the lady get into a argument, which the store owner tries his best to deescalate and to divert.

Pokemon troubles

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You didn’t know tragedy until you experienced this as a kid. — Marvel Girl (@Iona_Marvel) November 8, 2015   Check out my Marvel Girl, she has some of the funniest Tweets.   Kill Your Favorite Rapper Comic Intro Please click the like button for our Facebook page to be notified of any more news or great articles if you liked this(or Sign Up through Facebook or the site register). Be sure to share anything you like here if it can be of any help, then we know we did a good job writing it.

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